Residential complex SHOLOKHOV PARK

1st turn:
S plot: 2 452 m²
Number of apartments: 166
Total S apartments: 8,412.86 m²
Floors: 19 floors
Status: Object handed over

2nd turn:
S plot: 3 372 m²
Number of apartments: 207
Total S apartments: 9,090.1 m²
Floors: 15 floors
Status: Object handed over
Address: Yekaterinburg, Sholokhov st.
Developer: Astra-Development

The residential complex on Sholokhov Street consists of several houses and is located in the quarter of Sholokhov, Lagernaya and Sibirsky Trakt streets.
PLAN B began to work with this project at the early stage of the general concept of territory planning. The territory planning project for this site was made according to our concept.
Today the first stage of the project has already been built and put into operation. The second phase is under construction now. The third stage is at the design stage.
The first three stages form a rectangular courtyard. The courtyard space is open to the southwest.
Tasks The first stage is the house most remote from the Siberian Highway.
The task that the customer gave us was to create the most diverse typology of apartments in this house. Now in housing construction there is no one specific trend for flat layouts - some people are looking for an apartment with a classic layout, where the kitchen is a separate room, others prefer the so-called European layouts, where the kitchen is combined with the living room.
For some, a separate bathroom is important, and someone is ready to choose a combined one.
Our task was to make sure that this house was presented with a variety of layouts, for every taste. We had to design many different apartments. In total, the house turned out to have 166 apartments of 32 different types (7 types of one-room apartments, 17 types of two-room apartments, 8 types of three-room apartments). This is the widest apartmentography that we had to do in one house.
Architectural solution of the first stage The house of the first stage actually does not have a typical floor. The plans are repeated only from the 2nd to the 6th floor, all other floors have a different plan. Such a diverse apartmentography formed the peculiarity of the house, it determined its volumespatial composition.
When designing this house, we kept in mind the image of a tree or a thundercloud. The building has a main trunk, which is the same for the entire height of the house, but from the 6th floor the house begins to branch and grow to the sides. Drawers seem to be pulled out of it, it unfolds in space.
Another reason for such an active volume-spatial solution is that we designed an inexpensive house and were limited in the choice of finishing materials for the facade. The stucco facade is an inexpensive, maintainable, utilitarian solution, but it does not allow you to shape the appearance of the building due to, for example, the difference in materials. We can only operate on the volume of the building. We complicate the plastic solution of the facade due to the protrusion and retraction of the volumes of rooms and loggias, this allows us to make the architectural image more vivid.
It was very important for us to make this complex shape and do it well, so we hired external designers to work on some sections of the working draft.
The company Geotekhproekt worked with us, it is headed by Maxim Smetanin, Stepan Khibanov became the chief designer of the project. It was a serious challenge for the designers - on the upper floors of the building, the floors protrude more and more, and behind them the loggias protrude, there are many consoles in the house. Complex work was carried out to ensure the insulation and waterproofing of the protruding volumes. Thanks to the individual work of the designers, the house has consoles that do not rest on the lower floors, but rather hang on the structures above.
In general, the floor area increases towards the top. The largest apartments are located on the upper floors, with stunning views from above.
This house is located inside the block, so it is completely residential, there are no office or retail premises there.
Further development of the quarter
The second stage has a contrasting architectural solution with the first - it is an absolutely rectangular minimalist house. All of its floors, except for the first one, are the same. And yet the building has its own peculiarity - this is a rather unusual floor plan. The fact is that the site did not allow us to make a house here with two full-fledged entrances, so many floors would have to be installed in each of them, which would “eat up” the space inside the house even more. Therefore, the house technically has only one entrance, but it is not a "tower" at the same time. We got a mixed type of house with a common elevator block, but a large number of elevators. The elevator lobbies are lit by natural light. The house has two separate staircases. There are 14 apartments on the
floor, so we worked very carefully with the interiors of the common areas, so that despite the large number of apartments on the floor, the total space of the floor was comfortable.
The first floor of this building will have two office premises located closer to the Siberian Highway, the rest of the area will be occupied by apartments.
The third stage in terms of architecture will repeat the reception of the first one - it will grow upwards. You will get two such active complex houses and one minimalistic one that will unite them. On the first two floors of the third phase there will be a polyclinic that will occupy these new premises, leaving its old building.
Yard improvement The whole complex has a large yard. It is closed from cars, there are no parking lots, the passage is provided only for special services or, for example, unloading furniture.
In the yard there will be two playgrounds - for kids and for teenagers, a sports ground, a playground for adults.
For the improvement of playgrounds, we used Nash Dvor MAFs, they are produced in Pervouralsk. The MAFs in this collection are made from natural wood, but are usually painted in bright colors with compounds that hide the natural texture of the material. We agreed with the manufacturer that for our project they will not paint their towns, but will make a different coating, so that the natural texture of the wood remains. This did not lead to a significant increase in the cost of MAFs, but greatly increased their aesthetic qualities.
Another innovation in landscaping that we managed to apply was the so-called city chairs, or “benches for one person”. This is an unusual technique that allows you to organize more backstage spaces in the yard.
While the complex is being built in queues and landscaping will also be opened in queues, but in the future it will become a large common space for several houses.