mART Residential complex

Address: Yekaterinburg, st. Bolshakova 147
Client: Astra-Development
Project: Residential building
Status: construction completed in 2021
Floors: 30 floors S: 10,577 sq.m.

The thirty-story residential complex mART is located on Bolshakova Street, opposite the Uralets ice arena. The existing development of this area is very different in scale - there is a large sports complex of urban significance opposing five-story residential buildings. When designing, we decided that the facade of the building should hide it's residential function. We wanted the facade of our building to be stylistically intact with the large-scale building of the ice arena, not with five-story residential buildings. The building stands on the red line of the Bolshakov street. To create a more slender silhouette and in order to be able to remove the entrances in to the building from the transit traffic of the Bolshakov st. sidewalk, we made the main facade slightly curved, as if dihedral. Behind the main volume, inside the quarter, there is an underground parking, with a landscaped yard on the roof. The staircase and elevator hall is lit with natural light on all floors. From its windows you can enjoy spectacular views of the city.