VENEZIA residencial quarters

Building S: 4 685 m²
Number of apartments: 592
Total apartments S: 32,524 m²
Floors: 10-16 floors
Status: Construction of the first stage in progress
Developer: Astra-Development

In the Spring of 2021, according to our project, the construction of the Venice residential complex in the city of Verkhnyaya Pyshma began.
Ksenia Serebryakova, director of the architectural bureau Plan B and chief architect of the project:
For us, Pyshma is not a suburb of Yekaterinburg. This is a unique city, with a comfortable urban environment, developed social infrastructure, with its own rich cultural world. We have already had the opportunity to design in Pyshma, we have been here more than once.
Tasks Our task was to create a project for a residential quarter in a new, emerging city center. The main architectural dominant of the new center was the building of the Touring Theatre. This is a huge building with very bright, somewhat grotesque architecture. Opposing it, across the road, there is an open-air exhibition site of the Ural Military Glory Museum and its neoclassical exhibition buildings.

When designing our residential complex, we understood that we need to take these structures into account. We wanted the buildings not to contradict the complex architecture of the Touring Theatre, but to support its logic as much as possible.
But we are minimalists. Therefore, we have chosen one decorative technique that is complimentary to the architecture of the Touring Theater and built the composition of the facades of our complex around it. The arches.
So it became a house with arcades. However, we managed to hold on to such an emasculated, minimalist aesthetics.
The step of the apartments in the house coincides with the step of the arches. If we talk about the interiors - there are rectangular windows in the apartments, while the arches are the loggias' openings.
In the apartment you have one or two loggias with arched openings. On the upper floors, the arches disappear, as we wanted to lighten and simplify the composition.
Arches also appear in the interiors of common areas.
Arched structures on the facades are not overhead elements.
They are cast from concrete, using a rather advanced technology. The resulting shape is plastered with the special plaster dyed inmass.
This is a polymeric, very porous material, it will be covered with a layer of varnish. So, the surface will be very textured, not covered with paint, but fixed with varnish. We take pride in this rather interesting solution.
Now two quarters are being built – which is 30% of the planned development of the territory.
There will be six blocks in total, three on each side. Between them there will be a pedestrian street, it will lead to the new school building, that is already constructed.
The buildings of the quarters are closed in a square, the yards are open to the common space of the pedestrian street. Under all courtyards there are underground parking lots. The yards are closed for cars, the passage is possible only in special cases.
All first floors facing the street are designed for street retail.
To emphasize the difference between public and private space, the landscaping of courtyards and pedestrian streets was designed in different shapes. In the yards, we left only quiet playgrounds for the smallest children, while on the pedestrian street there are
sports grounds and playgrounds for teenagers.