Residential complex in SOLNECHNY district

Address: Yekaterinburg, Solnechny district, Champions st., 4.
Customer: "Astra-Development"
General Developer: Forum Group
Project: Low-rise residential complex, landscaping
Status: Construction complete in 2019
Floors: 5-16 floors
S: 33,000 m2

The situation of the district is unique for our city. The district has a general
developer who designed its general concept. The area is divided into
residential groups, and each of them has its own developer, who designs
and builds his residential group within the overall concept of the entire
district. Thus, designers must coordinate all design decisions not only with
their customer, but also with the general designer. This is a very difficult
project in terms of building communications, and it could only be managed
by inviting several parties and a proper organization of the design process.
In this project, we decided to do something cozy and cute. In our residential
quarter, we tried to reduce the number of storeys. We only had the number
of square meters as a prerequisite, and technically it was easy to deliver it
with three high-rise buildings. But we made 14 low-rise sections instead.
This increased our labor costs, but allowed us to offer an unusual concept
for the city, to get away from the concept of a monoblock, which is used in
many new residential areas of the city. We proposed to divide this standard
closed multi-storey structure into small houses, to take a step towards a
different quality of environment. We deliberately made them all a little
different in terms of number of storeys, color and shape. Thus, we tried to
make a cozy environment, comparable to a human.
In our projects, the composition of the yard is always connected with the composition of the house. And in this case, having such a clear perimeter building, inside the square we got a Suprematism composition of regular geometric figures that seem to be freely scattered. The bright colors of the facade are supported by landscaping elements of the same colors.
The landscaping of this quarter is deliberately mischievous, in the form of geometric figures scattered over the surface of different colors, textures and functions. There is a park with hammocks, playgrounds with a bright surface, playgrounds with a bungee. The equipment that we used there does not quote any recognizable elements, in order to play with it, kids will have to use their imagination.
In addition to general landscaping in the yard, this complex has a heated games room. This is a public home space where children can spend time when it is cold or raining outside.
For apartments in Solnechny, we made a photorealistic visualization of the possible furniture arrangement. These pictures clearly show the layout of the apartment and the possible functionality of the rooms.