The project of a residential building in Perekhodny Lane

General developer: "Astra-Development"
Project: Residential building in the existing development, landscaping
Status: under construction
Floors: 14 floors
S: 11,733 sq. m
Address: Yekaterinburg, Perekhodny Lane area

The site for the design is located in the middle of the block, bordered by Belinsky Street and Perekhodny Lane, in an already established residential area. This location largely determined its architectural appearance. The building does not have a facade overlooking the city highways. It will never be looked at by passengers from passing cars or pedestrians hurrying down the street.

This house does not need flashy details that can catch an eye at a great distance and speed, crying for attention.
His “spectators” are the inhabitants of this and neighboring houses. We wanted to design a house fit for leisurely daily perception. Its architecture is composed so that people will look at it either from the neighboring building or from the one across the street. Therefore, this house had to have a complex, intricate facade, which can be viewed and perceived differently all the time. And at the same time, its architecture could not be too “street”, or too flashy. We divided the house into three parts vertically. Each of the parts differs from the others in its facade and planning solution. On the facade, the number, shape and pattern of window sashes are changing, as well as the shape and railings of balconies.
Such a pronounced vertical division makes