Residential complex DOMINO

General developer: "Astra-Development"
Project: Street ensemble project, residential complex, landscaping
Status: under construction
Floors: 22 floors
Address: Yekaterinburg, st. shady
Total S apartments: 19,470.6 m²
Underground parking for 98 cars
Offices 618.2 m²

Street Shady
Tenistaya Street is a four-lane road that connects the new districts of the city - Akademichesky and Shirokaya Rechka. When we started work on our residential complex, there was no existing development here yet, houses stood only at the beginning and end of the street. At that time, the architectural concept of the street involved the construction of five tower houses along the road. The customer and I decided to redo the concept, since this
approach is already outdated. We considered it important to create a street front, which, firstly, will separate the yards from the noisy street, and secondly, will create a cozy street space for pedestrians when they walk along the houses, on the ground floors of which there are cafes and shops, and there is
no need to run across from tower to tower. We created a sketch of the street panorama, taking into account the height and proportions of residential complexes of other developers that have already been built at the beginning and at the end of Tenistaya.
The concept was approved in Yekaterinburg's chief architecture. Another residential complex on Tenistaya Street is currently being built in accordance with our concept.
Volumetric-spatial solution The residential complex consists of two buildings - one forms the street front and the other forms the courtyard. We wanted to emphasize the curve of the streets, emphasize the place where Krasnolesya Street turns into Tenistaya. On this bend, we put a 22-story tower, which became the dominant feature. The entire volume-spatial composition is designed taking into account the requirements for insolation and the technical specifications of the customer.
Facade solution
When solving the facades, on the one hand, we wanted to somehow support the ornamentation that we “got” from the neighboring residential complex Smorodina. One of the two houses of our complex responds to this ornamentation.
We decided to make the second house, which will become the dominant of the street, in a similar ornamental motif, but with an independent pattern. The idea was to create a two-tone façade by joining the windows with arches horizontally and vertically. They form a pattern that looks solid from a distance, but close up it is interesting to consider because it consists of many small details.
Architect Ivan Chirkov was inspired by the motives of the Mezenka red and white painting. We considered two options - a light facade and dark details, but settled on a variant of a darker background and light details on it, so the volume did not crumble into separate elements and looked more architectural. We decided to make the facades red to make a bright elegant dominant. Another reason for choosing the color was practicality - the red pigment in the plaster is the most stable.
Environment inside and outside Tenistaya Street will be quite active, it will have a large pedestrian area connecting the Akademichesky district and the Shirokaya river. Therefore, the entire first floor of the houses is given over to street retail. There can be a cafe and summer verandas on a wide sidewalk nearby.
The main entrance to the residential complex is an opening between the houses from Tenistaya street. We decided to accentuate it with an additional red arch with a huge lantern-ball. In fact, we specifically created an object that would be a marker in space, next to which we could make appointments, or explain to guests how to get inside by pointing to it.
The residential complex has a fairly large yard, the size of the sites exceeds the minimum standards. The landscaping was created by the architect Natalia Istomina and paid special attention to it. Part of the territory will be planted with greenery, hardy plants, accustomed to our climate, which will be easy to care for, have been selected for planting. The playground and other landscaping elements are specially selected for this complex and are designed for a high load, as we expect families with small children to become the main residents. The yard will be closed from cars, that are only let inside for loading or unloading.