Pre-school educational facility for 300 children on Tenistaya street in the Verkh-Isetsky district of Yekaterinburg

Client: TD "Com-Building"
Status: Construction completed in 2021
Address: Yekaterinburg, Verkh-Isetsky district, Tenistaya st.

The kindergarten inside is equipped with everything necessary for children and staff.
On the second floor there is a hall for music classes, with a digital piano, sets of video and audio equipment.
Playrooms, bedrooms and other rooms, that are crowded by children, like music and sports halls, are equipped with bactericidal irradiators - recirculators, that are safe to use in the presence of people.
A part of the preschool educational facility is given to offices of a speech therapist and a psychologist for individual and group classes with children.
There are wardrobe rooms for the staff and a dining room equipped with household appliances, including a dishwasher.
In the playrooms of nursery groups and younger groups, a heated floor was installed connected to the heating system.
The object is interesting for automation and dispatching of engineering systems.
It features:
- automatic local and remote control of temperature regimes for every individual heating point;
- remote control of all ventilation equipment of the building, that is being programmed for work scenarios according to the facility work schedule;
- control of operation for pumping equipment for water supply and sewerage systems;
- an automatic system for the energy resources accounting: heat, water and electricity reporting to a computer terminal. And for the heat supply - the transfer of data to the heat supplier is automated.
Operation of supply and exhaust ventilation is synchronized. By the time the children arrive, mechanical ventilation is automatically turned on in advance, and during non-working hours it is turned off and works in natural ventilation mode. The ventilation of the kitchen block is turned on only when the technological equipment is turned on, only for the equipment that is being used at that moment.
To run all the engineering equipment of the building smoothly, a special control program for the automation panel was created.
This ensures the possibility of obtaining operational information about the state and operation parameters of the equipment of engineering systems. The program will tell when filters need to be replaced, when it is necessary to call special equipment to clean the grease trap, or to carry out preventive maintenance on one of the systems. Thus, ample opportunities are offered for managing building systems, which can significantly reduce the staff of maintenance personnel.
Outside, we also adhere to all the rules and first of all think about safety. Arbors on the territory of the garden are made without a step, the coating smoothly passes from the street to the canopy, which is safer for children.
We also took care of relatives who come with other children. Places for strollers and sleds are provided under a separate canopy.
This is our first built kindergarten, so it is very special to us.
Lovely bright playgrounds, cute illustrations on the walls - everything we put into the plan of this kindergarten came true!