ALPS residential complex

Address: Yekaterinburg, st. Engineering, 19
Customer: "Astra-Development"
Project: Residential complex, improvement
Status: The object was completed and commissioned in 2018
Floors: 9 - 20 floors S: 5000 sq.m.

A modern high-rise residential building with cozy apartments and a landscaped house territory located in the area of Profsoyuznaya - Inzhenernaya - Alpinistov streets. Our bureau created this object from concept to implementation, from sketch drawings to architectural supervision. This is an elegant, white, very sculptural residential complex. It has a graphic facade - the building has triangular bay windows with asymmetrical glazing. Thanks to this, it was possible to create original, non-standard interiors in it's apartments. The drawing of the facade finds a response in the composition of the landscaping of the yard. An original paving tile in the form of rhombuses was developed exclusively for this project, which made it possible to perform a diagonal landscaping pattern without cutting the tiles. In addition to general landscaping, a heated playroom is provided in the courtyard of this complex. This is a public home space where children can spend time when it is cold or raining outside. The layouts of the apartments have been verified in this residential complex: they were drawn by a mother of two children, a Plan B architect and then checked by another mother of two children, also a Plan B resident, providing for various options for arranging furniture there. These layouts are the perfect agreement between functionality and originality. Often the kitchen in the apartment is often a traditional gathering place for the whole family. We turn it into a living room to enjoy those precious moments that we spend together at home. The Alps residential complex has a number of apartments where the kitchen becomes a living area. This is a kitchen-living room-common walk-through room. In such a kitchen, you do not have the feeling that you are locked up to do household chores, while all your family members are having fun in another room. The kitchen here becomes the center of the apartment, where the whole family gathers.